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Call for Papers


Euro-Atlantic Conference, 

March 30 - April 2, 2017 - Northfield, MN

The Legacy of 1848, Through Today


Transplanted Ideas & Values in America's Past and Present


In addition to immigration history, the program in Northfield, MN will feature topics

including transatlantic family history, health care, religion, Holocaust education, 

politics, and will feature a Luther exhibit: Childhood and School in Mansfeld.


        Northfield/Flensburg. Once again the German and European rebels and freedom fighters that immigrated to the USA as a result of the 1848 Revolution will be the focus of a trans-Atlantic conference. “The Legacy of 1848” (Das Vermächtnis von 1848) will be held in Northfield, Minnesota (50 miles/80 km south of Minneapolis) from March 30 to April 2, 2017. 


        According to conference organizers, historians Dr. Joachim (Yogi) Reppmann of Northfield and Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann of Cincinnati, Ohio, the "Forty Eighters" may not have been successful revolutionaries in Europe, but they were “likely the most remarkable immigrants that ever arrived in America.”


        The Forty-Eighters were action-oriented individuals whose democratic ideals led them to oppose the political status quo of their time. Many immigrated to America and built successful lives for themselves and their families. Some became politically active and then supported the Union cause in the Civil War (1861 - 1865).  Carl Schurz, for example, became a U.S. Senator, a general in the Union Army, Minister to Spain and Secretary of the Interior. But today few are aware of the contribution they made to America.


        Another focus of the conference is: “The Roles of Religion in the German-American Experience”. According to conference organizer Don Heinrich Tolzmann, “2017 represents an important anniversary date: the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the 200th anniversary of the Wartburg-Fest, and the 200th anniversary of the Prussian Union of the Reformed and Lutheran Churches, all of which will be taken into consideration as they relate to our focus on “The Legacy of 1848.”


        In addition to immigration history, the program in Northfield will feature family history topics as well.


Please submit papers or proposals by 6 October 2016 to: 


Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Cincinnati:;  -


or to : Dr. Joachim Reppmann, Northfield, MN / Flensburg;

103 Orchard St N ; Northfield, MN, 55057  - H.: 507-664-1064


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