Dr. Wolfgang Plenio - Future of Mankind

December 30, 2018

Eric Braeden at Northfield Conference 2017

June 8, 2017

In short, the Legacy of 1848 Conference will attempt to highlight the timeless legacy of democratic and moral values the Forty-eighters brought to Ame...

Legacy of 1848 Conference Talks, Wartburg College, 2013

March 16, 2017

Stoltenberg Institute - General Information

March 16, 2016

Der Wilde Westen beginnt in Flensburg: Über Amerikas Seele und die deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaft

March 15, 2016

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Exemplary Writings by Dr. Wolfgang Plenio, a retired gymnasium professor, who lives near Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. In 1973, Wolfgang, who was born in 1930, was Yogi Reppmann’s Latin tutor in secondary school. Excerpts from his body of thought, drawn from...

The New Fact Book 

The Origins of the Nazi Regime and the Conclusion of its Murderous Dictatorship

The period of National Socialism in Germany and the horrors of the Hitler regime cannot be understood apart from the political and societal developments that preceded them....

March 16, 2017

Ever since they first set foot in the United States, Gitta and Joachim „Yogi“ Reppmann have been a living ­example of the furthering of German-American friendship. Cultural ­exchanges between Germany and the American Midwest (the „Heartland“), formerly an important des...

September 13, 2016

Eric Braeden lives in Pacific Palisades, CA, known as “Weimar am Pazifik“ since 1933; across from his house is the elegant villa where Thomas Mann, a German literature Nobel laureate from Schleswig-Holstein, spent his years in exile during the Second World War. Braeden...

Eric Braeden, a Hollywood star from Bredenbek, and historian Yogi Reppmann from Flensburg (both towns are located in the northernmost German State of Schleswig-Holstein); their friendship goes back to 1989: here, in 2014, after a tennis match in Flensburg, on the borde...

Ian and Deane Barbour helped 1948 to remove debris in Germany

     This book publishes the US diaries of Ian and Deane Barbour, Northfield, MN, who in 1948 participated in summer work camps in Münster and Hamburg. The young couple worked with American, Dutch, and German...

March 17, 2016

The Stoltenberg Institute of Forty-eighter Studies, a forum for German-American discourse. The Institute is named in honor of Dr. Gerhard Stoltenberg (1929-2001), who served as Minister-President of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. An advisory board for the new institu...

March 15, 2016


Der Journalist Dieter E. Wilhelmy, Flenburg Journal, spricht mit dem in Northfield, US-Bundesstaat Minnesota und Flensburg lebenden Historiker Joachim “Yogi” Reppmann über das deutsch-amerikanische Verhältnis. Sie analysieren das Amerikabild der Deutschen, die “Seele...

“Six men from the crowd were then appointed to retrieve Henry to see if some arrangement might be made to do away with the printing of the paper. The appointees may not have been carrying a rope as they headed off to Henry’s house, but Henry’s daughter Norma had heard...

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